October 2011

Dear Redwood Family and Friends,

For nearly four decades youth camps have been an important part of the summer ministries at Redwood Christian Park. God has continually blessed those efforts with His presence, His protection and His provision.

Over the years, thousands upon thousands of youth have attended our junior, junior high and high school camps. Many have come to Christ at camp, many more have deepened their commitment to Him, and many, many more have had experiences and built relationships that will last a lifetime.

Today, however, doing youth camps has become increasingly challenging. Costs have escalated, family finances and priorities have changed, state safety requirements have increased, finding and training qualified staff has become much more difficult.

All of that led RCP’s governing board recently to make the difficult but necessary decision to suspend RCP’s youth camps for 2012.

We fully acknowledge how disappointing this will be, not just to the youth who already were looking forward to next summer, but to their parents and all connected with youth camps at RCP. RCP’s board and staff concluded that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to meet the various conditions and requirements in time for the 2012 summer season, and thus decided to suspend the youth camps to allow time to evaluate and plan for the future.

This decision only affects the three youth camps; it does not affect RCP’s family camps, which will be held as scheduled and which will include strong programs for children and youth.    In addition to encouraging you to attend one of RCP’s family camps in 2012, we also are making contact with some well-established youth camps in the area and will share information on them with the Redwood family in the next few months.

Again, we realize — and empathize with — the disappointment many people will feel over Redwood not offering youth camps in 2012. We made this difficult but necessary decision with both the youth and RCP in mind. We know the impact Christian camping can have in the lives of young people, and want to make sure that any programs we offer in the future meet the highest standards and requirements.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support of Redwood Christian Park, and we pray God’s special blessings on you and your family.

Mark S. Vasché
President of the Board of Directors

James L. Martin Jr.
Executive Director / CEO