Men’s Retreat, March 6-8, 2020

The RCP Men’s retreat is a true get-away.  With a mix of great teaching, times of worship and lots of recreation there is something for everyone.  Men ages 18 and up are invited, as are church groups and small groups!


Keynote Speaker, Kelvin Cochran

The Manner of Man: Affirming My Purpose, Calling and Destiny. 

There are four questions divinely planted in the soul of every man: What did God create me to be? What did God create me to do? Does God have a plan for my life? and  How do I fulfill God’s plan?  What God created me to be is my purpose.  What God created me to do is my calling.  God’s plan for my life is my destiny.  The way to fulfill my destiny is called “the manner of man”.  God has a plan for our lives that is exceeding abundantly above all we may ask or think.  In Christ, once a man of faith understands his purpose, calling and destiny he aligns his life to go after God’s plan with all his heart, mind, soul and strength.  This divine alignment leads to a blessed and fulfilled life, leaving a legacy of faith and righteousness for the next generation of his family.  All the seasons of life become more meaningful to a man, knowing that all things are working for his good and for God’s glory.

This weekend will examine purpose, calling and destiny and specific spiritual disciplines essential to strengthening our relationship with God to complete his predestined plan.  This transformational retreat will examine the original purpose of man, the six domains of biblical manhood, and the six elements of a biblical husband and father.  We will engage in candid discussions and leave with practical plans for pursuing our destiny.  The men who attend will never be the same again!


Bobby Marchessault has been leading worship for over 16 years. He is currently serving as a missionary and church planter in Santa Cruz, leading Missio Dei Community alongside his wife and 2 boys. He keeps involved in the community of Santa Cruz and plays local gigs with his band. Bobby has the privilege of leading alongside great friends and quality musicians from multiple church communities in the area.

Registration Details

All accommodations are carpeted, heated and have private bathrooms.   Single occupancy is not available.  Rates include two nights and five meals, the total cost for the weekend.  Church groups are welcome!

deluxeDeluxe,  Hotel-style rooms sleep 2-4 guests, please request your roommate.  Rooms have either a queen and a twin OR a queen and a set of bunk beds.  Linens and towels are provided. $249 per person.



Select,   Smaller hotel-style rooms sleep 2 guests, please request your roommate.  Rooms have either a double and a twin OR two twin beds.  Linens and towels are provided. $239 per person.


cabinClassic Cabin,  Classic camp cabins with bunk-style beds, guests must bring their own linens.  Cabin sizes range from sleeping up to 4, to sleeping up to 8.   We assume 2-6 in each cabin, depending on availability and group configurations. $199


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